Growing Up Guide Pup -- Week 2

 |  Feb 23rd 2010  |   4 Contributions

Here we are at Week 2 of the terrific "series," we're following for Dogster. Last week in Growing Up Guide Pup, we met Ricki, one of the cutest pups ever. She's being raised to be a guide dog. The journey from frisky pup to highly trained guide dog will be fascinating, and fun to follow. We'll be bringing you new installments every week.

This week Ricki is up to all kinds of antics. Check it out and let us know: What's your favorite part? We like the way she nuzzles the nursing home resident, and then gently gnaws on her collar. Also the way she melts into her caretaker's arms at the end of the video -- to the point where we can't even see her except for her paws. And her nose-butting the pretty patient "other" dog of the household is adorable too -- although not for the poor "other" dog. We feel kind of sorry for him, especially with the cake incident. Hopefully he knows she won't be there forever...


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