Colorado Greyhound Track Closing: Make A Friend Fast...Adopt A Greyhound

 |  Jul 16th 2008  |   1 Contribution

I want to thank Dogster member Susan Marie and her pal Coffee for bringing us the following message.

Local Greyhound adoption groups are stepping up to the plate to try to assist a sudden huge influx of dogs who are retiring en mass. Some of the dogs will be moved to other tracks out of state, but the vast majority need homes now!

I have been so touched by the Dogster community coming together to makelife better for so many animals, I thought perhaps I could put out a plea to all the Dogster doggies.

If someone is in the Denver/Boulder area, perhaps they could consider fostering. Or of course, we always need monetary donations.

To find out more, visit If you want to help a 45 mile per hour couch potato find a forever


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