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Great Dane Puppy Cam's Mama Dog Is About to Give Birth Again

The dog named Chaos is about to bear a new generation of service dogs. You can witness the miracle live at

 |  Oct 18th 2012  |   2 Contributions

We have lots of live puppy cams at Dogster, but the Great Dane feed of cuteness is especially awww-inspiring since the big dogs featured are destined to become service dogs through Dog Bless You. Thanks to the folks at, we get to watch the clumsy puppies transform into beautiful, elegant dogs trained to help humans in need.

The only news better than that is the impending birth of more puppies. Mama dog Chaos is due to bring her second litter of puppies into the world any time today, and you can watch the miracle right here on Dogster.

Congratulations in advance to Mama Chaos! We hope she has a safe birth and that all her puppies are healthy!

Photos via the Service Dog Project


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