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10 Fantastically Funny Dog Videos

No matter the camera or situation, funny dog videos can happen at any time, with any dog.

 |  Jan 7th 2014  |   2 Contributions

Whether it's captured on a smartphone, video camera, or your standard point-and-shoot, it's a simple fact of nature that when you train your lens on a dog, anything can happen. I have no doubt that the seasoned connoisseur of funny dog videos will have seen all of these before, and countless times at that. If you're like me, though, a good dog video is like your favorite beverage or taste treat: When you know what you like, it never gets old.

1. "Dogs in Boots Compilation" by

Dog feet are hardy, providing traction, balance, and footing in the most adverse conditions. Especially in cities, though, dog owners may equip their pets with shoes, boots, or other specially-designed footware, and make dog videos as their pets acclimate. This is normally to protect dogs from tracking urban grime back into the home or to keep them from licking and ingesting anything their paws might pick up. Other dog owners use boots to protect their dogs from extreme weather conditions. Whatever the reason, in these funny dog videos, you can see that footwear feels a bit unnatural to even the most seasoned dog.

2. "The Original Stains from 'It's Me or the Dog'" by Animal Planet

Poor Stains! I don't know whether to laugh or sympathize when the trainer tries to dissuade Stains from eating cupcakes. Surely there's too much sugar in them for the dog, but as a cupcake lover myself, I understand the longing and the denial. It's the eyes that get you!

3. "A Shiba Inu Who Doesn't Like Satan" posted by TheDogRealityZone, originally by lulusparky

Sparky, the Shiba Inu, is always on the lookout, defending his owners from the forces of darkness. In this dog video, the mere invocation of Satan's name wrings growls of disgust from the deepest recesses of Sparky's soul! Or, judging by the video’s original title, "Shiba Inu or Satan?" should we presume that this Shiba Inu is keeping the demon at bay within? All I know is that as far as funny dog videos go, Sparky is getting the job done.

4. "Dogs really hate bath time," part 2, by Tiger Productions

I've never tried to film one of my dog's baths, although if I did, you'd probably be laughing at me dancing around to accomplish the feat than at my dog's antics. It seems many people are lucky enough to have some help in washing the dog, which yields this collection of funny dog videos at bath time.

5. "Puppies Learning to Howl Compilation" by CrazyFunnyStuffCFS

While doing the research for this article -- by which I mean trawling the Internet for funny dog videos and laughing for several days straight -- I came across any number of hilarious and cute puppy videos. For me, there’s nothing quite as adorable as puppies going through their paces, trying to figure out how to be dogs. This compilation of puppies learning how to howl is consistently amusing. My dog always starts to “sing” when fire engines speed by the house on their way to an emergency or when the police are pulling over speeding vehicles. Since both of these happen with great regularity, I should make my own video of Tina singing the song of her people.

6. "Ultimate Pug Video Compilation 2013" by funnyplox

Whether they're babies, puppies, or fully grown, we at Dogster are all about that Pug-Life. These funny dog videos are all about Pugs

7. "A Pug scratching in a DJ duet"

Personally, I can't get enough of the clip of a DJ and his Pug working the turntables and flexing their skills on the 1s and 2s. Let's get that Pug DJ in clearer focus with a clip of his own! This pug has the skills to pay the bills on the wheels of steel, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Pugs DJing in clubs with increasing frequency.

8. "The Ultimate Dog Shaming" by Maymo

Special thanks on this one to my friend Geneviève, for whom knowledge of funny dog videos is nothing short of a sixth sense. When I told her I was looking for funny videos of dogs, she immediately name-checked Maymo. Intrigued by her enthusiastic recommendation, I made my way through Maymo’s channel. Dog shaming, particularly through guilty dog videos, is a popular Internet pastime, so here’s one that brings the two together!

9. "Puppy tries a daring escape" by Petsami

It seems one thing that many funny dog videos have in common is showing how a dog deals with situations and obstacles their ancient ancestors probably never dealt with in the wild. Here, a pair of falsely-imprisoned Chihuahuas attempt a jailbreak. I doubt these are specifically guilty dogs, but they get into a great deal of mischief here. I had never seen this one before, so I was both completely surprised and tickled to see how they resolved the situation.

10. "Fenton in Richmond Park" by JAGGL113

We've shared this one before, as part of a chronicle of strange dog names, but I would never forgive myself for putting together a selection of funny dog videos and leaving out my own personal favorite. I have known about this video since just after it broke the Internet in 2011, and it never fails to make me hyperventilate. The set up for one of the most famous of all dog videos is perfect. The idyllic setting, the calmly grazing deer, and the flow of traffic, all of which are disrupted from the distance by the echoing name of the dog, the sudden deer stampede, and the ebullient Fenton himself, followed by his flailing, exasperated owner.

We hope you've enjoyed this particular collection of funny dog videos! Which are your favorites? There are hundreds and thousands of dog videos out there in the vast expanses of the Internet, and we always want to see more! Please, feel free to share the ones that consistently drive you to tears of laughter in the comments!

Top image: Picture of a funny looking dog in front of a woman, by Shutterstock.

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