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Behold: The Inescapable Cuteness of French Bulldog Puppies

Whether they're wearing clothes or are leaping for a toy, Frenchies make divine photo subjects.

 |  Jul 23rd 2014  |   0 Contributions

Whenever I immerse myself in cute French Bulldog puppy pictures, I hear the voice of Prince in my mind, singing his classic hit "Let's Go Crazy" from 1984. I attribute this to the flared and outsized ears of French Bulldog puppies, which evoke the look of tiny canine bats, combined with the fact that His Purple Majesty performed the soundtrack album for Tim Burton's first Batman film (1989).

Let's get nuts together with this brilliant collection of French Bulldog puppies! 

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You can't possibly be prepared for the parade of French Bulldog puppies we've got today! Posted by xe-stuff on Tumblr.

French Bulldog puppies wearing little clothes

It is no secret that one of my greatest weaknesses is puppies wearing little clothes. You might almost say it is a fatal flaw, and -- if I were Batman -- one which a super-villain would certainly use against me at a critical moment. When French Bulldog puppies get gussied up by their owners, chances are that I'm going to fall on the floor laughing.

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Not even Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor Who ever wore a bowtie as smart as this French Bulldog puppy's. dogs and pups daily on Tumblr.

Cold-weather denizens looking for the latest fashion choices for their French Bulldog puppies are advised to bookmark this next specimen. This French Bulldog puppy seems to have been locked out of the house, with nary a convenient doggy door in sight. Fortunately, he's decked out in an extraordinarily cute and functional parka!

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This French Bulldog puppy is wearing a comfortable and fashionable winter coat. "Let me in," posted by we sing blue silver on Tumblr.

Now we move into the world of haute couture footwear, modeled by a couple of fashion-forward French Bulldog puppies. First, for a night on the town, admire the bold choices of this French Bulldog puppy, who is really rocking the hat and heels. This look was all the rage during Paris Fashion Week. Work it, puppy pal! Strut your stuff on the catwalk!

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This French Bulldog puppy picture graced the cover of countless dog-fashion periodicals. Posted by morrysn on Tumblr.

Is your French Bulldog puppy more of an exercise fanatic, who prefers the streets to the runways?  There's no reason why you and your French Bulldog puppies shouldn't hit the pavement in style. Whether you're out for a leisurely stroll or training for a road race, this prêt-à-porter footwear will turn heads whersoever you may roam. 

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You and your French Bulldog puppy will turn heads in matching sporty footwear. Posted by bellybow on Tumblr.

These French Bulldog puppies need a nap!

I can only tolerate so many pictures of French Bulldog puppies wearing custom-made clothes. If it is true that laughter burns calories, I should be well on the way to my weight-loss goals by the time we're done. Before we go any further, I'm going to take a bit of a rest. Here we have a series of French Bulldog puppy pictures to guide us to a rest that is both restorative and adorable. 

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This baby French Bulldog puppy has the right idea. "Milk wasted," by apex frenchies on Instagram.

How about these two French Bulldog puppy siblings? They are the very best of friends, inseparable both at play and at rest! Their little dog bed looks outrageously comfortable. Makes me think they should create human-sized dog beds. Bean bag chairs are great, but this ... this is opulent.

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"Yin and Yang Frenchies," posted by squishfacedogs on Tumblr.

French Bulldog puppies have seemingly limitless and boundless energy. As any human with a tendency to go flat-out all the time can tell you, the exhaustion that follows great exertion is just as absorbing. Our next two French Bulldog puppies are beyond tired.

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This French Bulldog puppy didn't quite make it to the dog bed before going to sleep. Posted by sand addiction on Tumblr.

The puppy above didn't quite make it to the comfort of the dog bed or the couch before petering out. The French Bulldog puppy below didn't even make it into the house! I wish I could just fall asleep whenever the opportunity presented itself! I've always envied people -- and puppies -- who are steadfast about getting enough sleep.

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I used to sleep on my stomach when I was younger, too. Posted by ms lovejoy on Tumblr.

The greatest pose: The upwards head tilt

You may not know this, but humans have a distinct height advantage on French Bulldog puppies. Most French Bulldog puppies must crane those short necks when people whip out iPhones and digital cameras. Out of necessity, then, came the greatest of all French Bulldog puppy poses, the upwards head tilt. This teacup French Bulldog puppy shows us the basic pose.

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This teacup French Bulldog puppy demonstrates the basic pose. Posted by cute-baby-animals on Tumblr.

They have had to perform this motion so many times it has become ingrained in their genetic memory. Now, of course, they can do the pose in any circumstance. Balancing a tennis ball on the nose while achieving the perfect head tilt? Not a problem for the enterprising French Bulldog puppy.

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"The only ball I have," a title which I must assume is a clever spaying joke. Photo by happy gunther on Instagram.

Here's a French Bulldog puppy who's gotten into some titanic toilet-paper mischief. Caught red-handed (or, if you will, paper-tongued), how else is a French Bulldog puppy going to escape blame but to rely on the pleasing upward glance? These are classic puppy-dog eyes, indeed!

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Who, me? I swear I had nothing to do with the toilet paper! What do you mean, "What's that in my mouth?" Posted by cutest of the cute on Tumblr.

Vive la Bouledogue Français!

French Bulldog puppies can be a handful, bursting with energy and that joie de vivre that we all admire. They are great pets, as charming and personable in the great outdoors as they are in the apartment. Like any dog breed, however, French Bulldog puppies are at their best when you are playing with them. How about a game of catch? No dog toy? No problem!

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No dog toy ready to hand? How about that corn cob you picked up at the farmer's market? French bulldog puppy playing with a corn by Shutterstock.

Let's wrap up our look at cute French Bulldog puppy pictures with one of my personal favorites. There's something about this baby French Bulldog puppy that I can't quite put my finger on. It's that inexpressible thing, that je ne sais quoi, if you will, that is the essence of all puppy pictures.

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It's okay to emit a squeal of delight. All French Bulldog puppies must approve of the joy they inspire. Cute French bulldog dog playing on grass by Shutterstock.

Share your favorite Frenchie photos!

These are some of the best French Bulldog puppy pictures I could find. I want to see some of your favorites! Have any great French Bulldog photos? Links to sites where you get your daily French Bulldog fix? Any great stories about your experiences with French Bulldogs? Share them in the comments!

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