Fighting Dogs Get New Life

 |  Nov 11th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Dogfighting Raids Going Home

Pit bull puppies being housed at the emergency shelter.

Dogfighting Raids Going Home

Linda Campbell plays with dogs at an emergency shelter.

In July the largest dog fighting raid in US history took place, hundreds of dogs were rescued. Sadly 160 of the rescued dogs had to be put down due to illness, behavior, or injuries. The good news is that 120 of the dogs are now going to foster homes, and hopefully the remaining ones will get to do the same.

Here are the details from the Associated Press.

They are not a vicious animal. They are the victims of abuse," said Debbie Hill, vice president of operations for the Humane Society of Missouri. "That face and their eyes tell the story. They only want to be in someone's home, on a couch, or sleeping at someone's feet, maybe chew up a rug or two for entertainment. They're learning for the first time how to be a dog."

Once at the Missouri shelter, dogs were tested by a national team of certified animal behaviorists, taken on walks, and allowed to chew on bowling balls stuffed with peanut butter. Some finicky eaters were treated to home-cooked chicken breasts to supplement meals of dog food.

The Human Society offered The Associated Press first access to the site Tuesday. During the tour, puppies born since the raid took turns playing tug of war with a chew toy in a play room. Humane Society staff members pulled a catering cart down a long row of dog cages, calling animals by name as they slid them bowls of food.

This is such a great story because usually all the dogs involved in dog fighting get put down, they're never even given a chance. Maybe this is the foreshadowing of changes that are going to be put into place so the victim, the dog, isn't the one punished for the perpetrator's crime.

*Courtesy AP Photo/Jeff Roberson


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