Last week Anders asked a video question on the vet blog. Here it is again in case you missed it.

I am reminded of an aphorism: all things should be enjoyed in moderation, except for moderation itself, which should be enjoyed in excess.

The good news, Tailer, is that there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat here and there. The bad news is that it’s generally not a good idea for any creature to exist solely on treats.

Unless the nutrition information for the treats specifically states that they provide complete and balanced nutrition, it is safe to assume that they do not. Feeding nothing but treats could lead to nutritional deficiencies. Some treats are very high in carbohydrates–some experts believe this predisposes cats to diabetes. Excess treats also put some cats at risk of obesity (although it is clear from the video that Tailer’s weight is fine).

Anders, I recommend that you encourage Tailer to eat more of his regular food. Use the treats only as treats.

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