Dogster Blue Still Missing After 1 Year, Wise Words from Dogster Lena Malik

 |  May 7th 2008  |   3 Contributions

Sometimes in the everyday chaos of caring for our furbabies we temporarily forget some very important truths. Thank you, Lena Malik, for reminding us that while our time with out furbabies is wonderful, it is also limited. We also need to keep the lost ones, like Blue, in our thoughts.

Lena Malik wrote:
Dear Joy,
Thursday, May 8th is a somber annifursary for many of us. Our dear friend BLUE will have been missing for a year.

I write in the spirit of all lost dogs wanting to go home to where they know they are wanted, missed and an integral part of the family who keeps on searching. I also write for all the humans having to deal with the uncertainties, the heartache and roller coaster of emotions trying to find their beloved pet. Hearing of incredible reunions and nearly impossible journeys back gives us hope while we try to cope with our own thoughts and emotions on how we would truly be, to survive and face each day not knowing and waiting, perhaps even with guilt or a thousand questions every day.

I pray the spirit and support of dogster will keep BLUE's owners strong and resolved in never giving up hope. I also would like to think that each one of us at the end of the day would come to realize that many would be there for them if we found ourselves in the same position. BLUE is still missing and our hearts are still breaking but our faith and hope for his return is never ending because anyone of us at any given time could be BLUE and know we would need to rely on the strength and support of our friends and communities to get us through each and every day.

Please keep your ears perked and eyes wide open for any possible leads, his family and friends need your help and pray you will never have to share the devastating experience of a missing a beloved pup.

Blue's website:

Tonight and tomorrow, please take the time to give your pup an extra hug, walk, treat or acknowledgment....let them know how much you would be affected if they suddenly disappeared and think of BLUE.


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