Dogster Bean Stolen and Missing in Puerto Rico

 |  Feb 2nd 2007  |   7 Contributions


Lisa and her family are undergoing what all of us fear -- having a furbaby stolen or lost! Time for us all to concentrate on Bean getting home. He was recently stolen in Puerto Rico and anything we can do to help him get home, the better. If any Puerto Rican Dogsters have seen Bean, please p-mail his mom!

Here's what Bean's furmom has to say:

Our dog was taken in Puerto Rico on the 17th of January. Someone stole Bean, a Boston Terrier, from our car as my husband made a quick stop on the way home from the vet. Bean is supposed to be mentioned this Saturday in the San Juan Star, in Peggy Bliss' column. I have been amazed at how much help we are getting from the dog loving community in Puerto Rico. I cannot say how much we appreciate all the help, support and encouragement - especially because we are not there to search ourselves. Hopefully we will have Bean home soon.
Lisa Vilar


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