Dogs Used As Blanket Save Boy's Life

 |  Dec 8th 2008  |   11 Contributions

This is an incredible story of two dogs that helped save a missing 3-year-old's life.

Jaylynn Thorpe went missing after wandering away from his babysitter. He was out all night in freezing cold temperatures, with only his aunt's two puppies.

James Thorpe, Father - "We didn't forget the issue that 17 degrees was almost unbearable." Katherine Elliott, Guardian and Grandmother - "People all over the state of Virginia was down there looking for that child. For a while there, one time, I didn't know whether they would find him or not."

He was missing for 21 hours. A long time for anyone to be outside in the winter and alive. Sheriff Stanley Noblin, Halifax County Sheriff's Dept. - "The only thing we wanted to do was just keep searching until we found him." But something kept Jaylynn going, as he fought against time.

Sarah Ingram, Mother - "God...and those dogs." Two puppies, that officials say, probably saved his life. "He told me that...the dogs slept up against him. And I'm sure the body heat kept him warm." He traveled half a mile to a mile in the dark, through dense woods, even crossing a highway.

But it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that search teams found him, lying up against a tree, with the dogs. Noblin - I would definitely call this a miracle. Thorpe - I think I just said 'Thank you Lord' ...for us to have another chance!"

Jaylynn was brought to Halifax Regional Hospital where he is recovering. He is doing well and has received lots of treats, hot dogs and ice cream. I hope those puppies are also receiving some well deserved treats.

* The cuties above are Kailey's puppies.


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