Dogs in Danger -- Web Site Showing Dogs in Immediate Danger of Death

 |  Oct 3rd 2007  |   3 Contributions

If you work with a breed rescue or another group that tries to get abandoned dogs in shelters into new homes, bookmark this site. If you are looking for a new furbuddy, check it out! If you have a blog or other dog-related site, how about linking to it so others can find it? In short, will save many dog lives!

Here's a link to a story on Reuters about

Here are some words from the DogsinDanger site:

WHO ARE WE is a nonprofit national shelter outreach program at the forefront of a grassroots movement trying to help shelters save the lives of millions of innocent dogs.


We are a nation of dog lovers. Then why is it that the shelters that are expected to provide these animals with a second chance at life are instead being forced to euthanize them?

Shelters are the last line for millions of innocent dogs. The public has no idea of the magnitude of this national tragedy. The sad reality is that over four million dogs are killed each year in shelters. Why, in a country of dog lovers, are so many dogs homeless? Because their families abandon them, for reasons like job change, divorce and new baby and most shelters dont have the necessary programs to get the dogs the exposure they need to find new homes. Shelters find homes for many dogs, but millions are euthanized. For far too long we have been told there is no other way.

AND A REASON FOR HOPE believes in the power of compassion, and that Americans would do more to help and adopt shelter dogs, if only they knew how many dogs shelters were forced to euthanize. We also believe that shelters dont really want to euthanize dogs, if they had any other option. Simply put, we have chosen a path of technology as a means of connecting these scared, abandoned shelter dogs with the loving homes they deserve. As a nonprofit organization, we seek no other gain except for the happiness we see in the face of a dog as he faithfully walks out through the shelter doors, in perfect step with his loving new family.


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