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And Now, A Dog's Guide To Training Your Owner

The seriously bad, 80s video vibes just make this clip even better. Don't even get us started on the soundtrack, because we absolutely love it.

 |  Aug 6th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Over here at Dogster we offer a plethora of information for people learning about dog behavior -- from how to house train an adult dog, to why does your dog shows his lipstick. But what about our dogs? How do they feel? Maybe they're unsatisfied with our behavior and long for us to get properly trained in owner etiquette. If only a guide existed for our dogs -- a manual if you will, detailing all the ways a dog can get his humans to be better owners.

Unfortunately, there is no such manual. That is, until Buzzfeed provided us with something that serves as the perfect human training manual while being, very, very entertaining.

Readers of Dogster, we present to you: "The Dog's Guide To Training Your Owner."

The film is produced and narrated by Sherman Furman -- a leading expert in the field of owner obedience and behavior.

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Sherman Furman in the fur.

The following film contains these educational tips and tricks to getting people to become the perfect owner:

  • How to guide your owner on the leash.
  • How to get your owner to scratch your belly.
  • How to get your owner to make you a delicious snack.
  • How to ensure a quick, and efficient dinner service.
  • How to get your owner to provide the freshest water bowl.
  • How to effectively get your owner to participate in a game of fetch. (This is important stuff!)

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The woes of being a dog -- when your owner forgets about dinner service.

We mustn't forget the bonus tip as well, which we here at Dogster, believe can solve every problem a dog has ever encountered.

In his calming, yet assertive voice, Sherman tells his listeners:

"If all else fails, give them a deep stare. As if you're staring through them. As if you're staring inside of them. As if you're seeing their past, present, and future -- they will do anything you want."

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Look into my eyes!

Sherman Furman also carries a funny, Nordic-ish accent, that we find very enthralling. Also, the seriously bad, 80s video vibes just makes it even better. Don't even get us started on the soundtrack, either -- because we absolutely love it.


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