Dog Survives 300-Foot Fall From Cliff

 |  Feb 24th 2010  |   12 Contributions

Poppy the Springer Spaniel went over the edge the other day, but not in the idiomatic sense. The poor girl was so focused on chasing a gull at southern England's Seven Sisters chalk cliffs that she didn't notice where the land ended and air began.

Rescuers credit her momentum with giving her just enough forward thrust to miss the beach and the cliff, and land in the water 300 feet (90 meters) below. She was able to swim to shore, and a team from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution came to her aid.

As the video reports, she suffered a collapsed lung, but is doing well now.

Cliffs pose a danger in many of our favorite places for walking dogs. Let's be careful out there!


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