Dog Rescued From Ice Floe Heads Back to Sea

 |  Feb 11th 2010  |   0 Contributions

Baltic and Adam Buczynski peer through a porthole just before their three-day mission at sea (Photo: AP/Krzysztof Mystkowski)

Baltic, the Polish dog who clung to an ice floe that took him on a harrowing several-day journey into the Baltic Sea, is heading back to sea. This time his accommodations will be far more comfortable than chunks of ice. He'll be aboard the research ship Baltica, beside the man who rescued him in late January.

Baltic in his spiffy new life jacket (Photo: AP/Krzysztof Mystkowski)

Baltic's new owner, crew member Adam Buczynski, is making sure his dog will be safe and happy on their three-day journey. According to an AP story, he's bringing along seasick tablets in case the Baltic doesn't do well with his namesake's swells. And he has bought him a snazzy orange life jacket -- just in case.

Since there is no head (bathroom) for dogs on a research vessel, the crew has trained Baltic to use one frequently hosed area of the deck for his toilet duties. He's a fast learner!

If you need more proof that Buczynski is a kind and loving owner, look no further than when Baltic badly needed a bath to remove the crusted salt from his lush fur. Baltic was scared of the water. (Go figure.) So Buczynski carried the dog in his arms to the shower and held him while they showered together. ""This lifted the dog's confidence," the ship's co-owner said.

Bon voyage, Baltic, Buczynski, and crew!


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