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Saffron the Bull Terrier Is Rescued in Time to Have Pups

The dog was abused and neglected, but thanks to Rocky Ridge Refuge, her family is growing.

 |  Jul 17th 2013  |   7 Contributions

A week ago we told you a story of happy endings at the Rocky Ridge Refuge that involved cheerful puppies and a magnificent capybara named Cheesecake. The abundance of good news did not stop there, as the American Bulldog named Skylark from that post has been adopted, and her puppies are finding homes.

The folks at Rocky Ridge continue with their good work, as they have now saved a severely neglected Bull Terrier and her unborn litter.

The Bull Terrier is named Saffron, and judging by the look of her skin and teeth, she had been severely neglected in Texas where she was found.

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Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Here’s what Rocky Ridge had to say about the poor girl when they initially found her:

“She is ... emaciated, broken, rotten teeth, whole body stained yellow from living in her own filth, and VERY pregnant! Send good thoughts for her and her unborn pups! I have named her Saffron.”

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Saffron when she was first taken, sitting in her own filth. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Saffron’s paws were stained by living in a small, cramped cage that was most likely kept in darkness. She is said to have had difficulty judging the distance of things in front of her, becoming disoriented when moving around. This indicates that she has poor vision, which could be the result of living in the dark space. She also seems to suffer from some hearing loss, according to the Rocky Ridge Refuge.

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Saffron when she was first found, very pregnant and malnourished. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Despite Saffron’s depressing conditions, the most inspiring thing about this pup is that she still wags her tail and responds to human gentleness.

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Saffron's litter of puppies. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Saffron has lived a hard life, and when she was first brought to the shelter had difficulty making eye contact and was scared by rapid movements. She is slowly coming around, though, and still very much understands love. She responds caringly to positive affirmation from people. Despite being severely neglected by some very bad humans, she is still willing to trust and is hopeful for a new start.

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Saffron makes a new friend at the refuge. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Saffron had seven puppies; unfortunately, three passed away shortly after being born. Now she has strong litter of four male puppies who, according to Rocky Ridge, are doing well.

The babies' food is being supplemented only a few times a day as Saffron is eating well, regaining her strength, and producing a decent amount of milk. Saffron also relaxes more each day. She understanding she is in a safe space.

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Saffron with her new adopted puppies. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge

Saffron has also adopted two orphan puppies who were a part of an abandoned litter at a shelter in East Arkansas. She loves them as her own. So despite losing some of her pups, Saffron’s family has grown larger.


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