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Frogger, The Dog Who Was Thrown Onto a Freeway and Broke His Back, Recovers

It seems impossible to imagine a dog with a broken back being able to survive or even walk again, but miracles happen.

 |  Dec 12th 2013  |   1 Contribution

On April 4, 2013, Emily Richardson was stuck in traffic. Another sig alert meant traffic had slowed to a crawl. Traffic isn’t anything new on a Los Angeles freeway. As she traveled in the lane nearest the divider, she noticed a young Jack Russell Terrier mix huddled there on the eastbound and westbound lanes. 

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A few miracles happened on April 4: 1) There happened to be a sig alert slowing traffic, 2) a dog who was thrown from a moving vehicle was still alive, and 3) the person who spotted him was Emily, an animal rescue volunteer with Doggie Protective Services, who knew exactly what to do.

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Emily picked the dog up, who was named Frogger, and through the assistance of Doggie Protective Services, he was immediately taken to a vet and examined. Frogger had broken vertebrae and would need a costly and potentially dangerous operation. This was the first time Doggie Protective Services had taken in a dog with a broken back. His back legs were paralyzed and hung uselessly. The doctors recommended one of two options: surgery or euthanasia. Emotionally overwhelmed and crying, Director of Doggie Protective Services Tera McCurry didn’t have the heart to put down a dog who had come so far and survived so much. The veterinarian and the rescue worked together to reduce the surgery fee and raise money to save Frogger’s life.

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Frogger’s story was told and retold on his Facebook page, where he gained a fan following. Well-wishes and donations for Frogger’s costly surgery streamed in.

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Months following the surgery, his rescuer and now foster mom, Emily, is taking Frogger through a series of physical therapy exercises. He is slowly gaining strength in his back legs. Fortunately, he is not in a pain. Over time, he has learned to enjoy the company of people and other dogs. Whatever has happened to him in the past, he has learned to forgive and forget.

As miracles go, Frogger has the perfect ending. He found a forever home with a loving family in Chicago. He is walking almost normally with the help of a donated wheelchair from K9 Carts. Check out this amazing "after" video. Watch Frogger playing and having fun, and just look at that tail wagging! Best ending ever!

To follow Frogger’s amazing story go to his Facebook page, and to adopt a dog or donate to Doggie Protective Services visit its website!

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