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Corazon the Wobbly Pittie Girl Wears Her Heart on Her Fur

Cora has Wobbler Syndrome, a neurological condition that results in a "wobbly" gait.

 |  Jul 21st 2014  |   0 Contributions

Cora the Wobbly Pittie Girl began life in the most dire of circumstances. Owned by a backyard breeder who sold boy puppies to fight and girl puppies for bait, the Pit Bull had a bleak future. Fortunately, caring humans found out about the awful man, rescued 10-week-old Cora, and turned him into animal control.

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Cora after her rescue and a bath to remove the many fleas and ticks that had made her severely anemic. All photos and video courtesy of Cora's Facebook page.

Cora -- short for Corazon, which means heart in Spanish and represents the black shape on her side -- stayed with her rescuer and went on to complete the Canine Good Citizenship program and to work as a therapy dog, visiting patients at Dorothea Dix Hospital near her home in Raleigh, North Carolina, all before her first birthday.

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At about 18 months, though, she began having trouble walking. Doctors at the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University soon diagnosed Cora with Wobbler Syndrome. This progressive neurological condition affects the spine of larger breeds and results in a "wobbly" gait and pain. In rare cases, it can cause paralysis.

Cora has a mild case, but all of the poking and prodding and visits to the vet left her with severe anxiety. Now nine years old, the sweet girl prefers to stay at home and brighten the days of others via her Facebook page.

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Cora more than ready to leave the vet's office.

You see, Cora takes requests. With help from her momma and fur siblings (all rescues), she sings birthday, anniversary, and other messages for anyone who asks, then posts a video of the performance.

Check out her singing here

She also uses her Facebook page to help raise money for a variety of causes, both animal and human. Cora recently held a T-shirt benefit for Rescue Ur Forever Friend. The adorable design spotlighted her singing and the need to embrace special needs dogs such as herself.

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$10 of every T-shirt sold went to the rescue group.

Let's all give Cora the Wobbly Pit Bull a big round of applause! Not only does she promote positive messages about special needs dogs, animal rescue, and the Pit Bull breed itself, she also has a darn fine singing voice.

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