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Architecture for Dogs: A New Website for DIY Dog Furniture

Dog owners can find templates for dog-centric furniture design.

 |  Nov 15th 2012  |   1 Contribution

One part (dog) furniture store, one part art gallery, and one part DIY instruction manual, Architecture for Dogs launches today, offering pet parents a new spin on furniture designed with their animal companions in mind.

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This dog rocks like a rocking chair and offers a tug toy feature.

Organized by Kenya Hara, the creative director of MUJI (an online purveyor of "no brand quality goods"), Architecture for Dogs offers dog guardians a variety of templates to download and construct for themselves. There are 13 different structures created by architects and designers. The designers were asked to create structures that would change the way people interact with their pets, exchanging the traditional wooden doghouse for a series of ramps, stairs, mazes, and even an illuminated vanity.

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A Pug can hide underneath or climb up to the top of this structure.

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We like the look of this and how it allows a dog a way to lie propped up.

Taking breed personalities into consideration, some of the structures are little surprising, like the Reiser + Umemoto outfit below, which capitalizes on the Chihuahua's love of burrowing.

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One of our favorite pieces is a seat designed for smaller dogs like the Dachshund, which brings the petite canine eye level with her humans and provides a ramp for access so climbing up and down a flight of stairs won't hurt delicate spines and hips.

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This seems like something you could actually use at home.

Most spectacular, however, is the grand lighted mirror designed for Poodles -- which are, according to Architecture for Dogs, one of the few breeds of dogs who can recognize their own reflection.

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Amazing? Yes. Useless? We're not sure!

Intrigued? Check out the Architecture for Dogs website and add them on Facebook ... and let us know if you embark on any of these projects at home! 

Images via dezeen magazine


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