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Mungo & Maud's Lucky Charm Collar, for a Dog's Charmed Life

Your canine companion will look and feel like a hundred bucks (almost) in this accessory.

 |  Jan 16th 2013  |   0 Contributions

You buy them only the highest quality food. You spare no expense when it comes to their sleeping accommodations, dishware, entertainment, and medical care. You never, ever ask them to get a job to help pay the rent, and when they poop on the rug, you simply clean it up, remembering to praise them when they do it outside -- where they are supposed to. Let's face it: Our dogs lead charmed lives. 

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The collars feature adorable little lucky charms.

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So why not indulge them further with the Lucky Charm dog collar series from Mungo & Maud? Mungo & Maud provides boutique quality dog (and cat) goods, including treats, toys, and tags. Its stuff is a little on the pricey side, but that's why the Lucky Charm dog collar is so lucky -- it's quite the fortunate pooch who gets to be so spoiled. For the rest of us, however, we can still enjoy a little Internet browser-window shopping, and the collar -- which comes in the precious colors of chamomile, slate, rosewater, and thorn -- is adorned with little mismatched charms. Big dogs, however, will have to find other charms, as this collar is made especially for smaller breeds.

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The rosewater is our favorite.

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And a matching leash.

The leather collars are cost $88 each. They are available here.

So maybe you can't afford an $88 collar, but in what other ways is your dog spoiled?

Images via Mungo & Maud 


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