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Learn Your ABCs With Artist Bri Hermanson's "ARFabet" Book

She hopes to release "Bark Park" as a book, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign.

 |  Oct 24th 2012  |   3 Contributions

Bark Park is a charming creative endeavor from artist Bri Hermanson, which explains the "ARFabet" through a series of scratchboard illustrations of dogs. Illustrating a breed for each letter of the alphabet, Hermanson intends Bark Park to one day be a beautifully crafted hardcover book.

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L for Labrador?

Though Bri works in all sorts of media rendering all sorts of subjects, dogs are among her favorite things to draw, and her method of scratchboard has garnered her some attention. Using ink and scraping implements, she creates images that are boldly textured and sensual -- kind of like the dogs she illustrates. The stylized drawings capture a sense of light and life, conveyed through the intense intimacy and attention to craft that scratchboard demands.

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Now Bri wants to combine her love of dogs and illustration into one imaginative book, which will delight adults and help enrich the learning process for children. Creating a publication can be a pretty daunting task, so Bri has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and help make this beautiful dream a reality. To demonstrate her commitment to the project, Bri will be drawing a dog a day at her Daily Dog Scratch Blog, as well as awarding backers with some pretty cool rewards -- such as the chance to include your own dog in the book!

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So check out the Bark Park Kickstarter and pledge if you can. If you can't, pass it on!

Images via the Bark Park Kickstarter campaign  


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