DNA Questions Answered: Part One

 |  May 13th 2009  |   0 Contributions

I want to thank everyone who left a question about dog DNA testing for Dr. Becker and Dr. Fretwell.

Good Morning America correspondent Dr. Marty Becker and geneticist Dr. Neale Fretwell are conducting satellite interviews on May 6th on the Wisdom Panel Test, the most comprehensive doggie DNA test available today.

With Wisdom Panel MX, mixed-breed dogs will receive the most reliable DNA breed test available.

* Blood-based sampling, scientifically proven to provide the highest quality DNA analysis
* Detecting 157 different AKC breeds (incl. 4 Foundation Breeds) and counting
* Proprietary algorithm providing 90% accuracy
* Backed by a decade of peer-reviewed veterinarian science research on dog genetics
* Detailed report illustrating your dog's heritage, revealing breed traits and characteristics

This is the first of three segments, hear what the doctors had to say in response to your questions...

If you can't see the video in your RSS feed, then click here.


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