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And Now, More Dachshund Puppy Pictures Than You Can Handle

Dachshund puppies live at ground level, but these puppy pictures will leave you flying high with joy.

 |  Aug 8th 2014  |   1 Contribution

What kind of a world do we live in where I haven't yet done a photo essay on the low-riding majesty that is Dachshund puppies? Believe me, I no sooner noticed this gap in our cute puppy picture series than I decided it must be remedied, and with all due haste! Is there another small dog breed, with the exception of the mighty Pug, that is more instantly recognizable than Dachshunds?

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Speaking of Pugs, it's two-for-one on cute puppy pictures today. Here we have a Dachshund / Beagle mix. Photo by yaboykuroko on Instagram.

Dachshunds puppies belong to a special hunting dog class known as "earthdogs." This derives from their talent for pursuing small game that tends to live on or under the ground. This Dachshund puppy has clearly forgone his ancient skill set for more elevated pursuits. With eyes and mind turned toward the heavens, a flower clutched between his teeth, we can only lament that Dachshund puppies are not known for writing poetry

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Did anybody order a Doxie on the rocks? Posted by dorgies on Tumblr.

Around the house with Dachshund puppies

Due to their compact size, Dachshund puppies -- otherwise known as Doxies -- can live anywhere comfortably, from farms to flats. Let's take a peep into the home lives of Dachshund puppies, starting in the kitchen. Since Dachshund puppies are prone to obesity, though, let's hope it's not their very favorite room in the house. Regular exercise and a portion-controlled diet are essential to the long-term health of Dachshund puppies.

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Hanging out on the kitchen floor. Do you have a treat for these two Dachshund puppies? Photo by weightlossjules on Instagram.

Unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool Dachshund puppy fan, you may not know that a Dachshund's coat has a wide variety of color variations. Here's a chocolate and tan Dachshund puppy, enjoying a mid-afternoon rest in the downstairs hallway. I have it on good authority that he prefers the upstairs hallway, but this requires some assistance. Dachshund puppies excel at many things; steep staircases not being among them.

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The look of calm on this chocolate and tan Dachshund puppy's face is a welcoming sight. short haired Dachshund Dog by Shutterstock.

Moving into the game room, there's almost too much going on with this Dachshund puppy's coat to keep track of. May it suffice to say that dapple Dachshund puppies are out there in almost every color combination and ticking pattern under the sun. If this were any other breed of dog, we'd call this coat "merle," but Dachshunds are clearly a breed apart.

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This dappled Dachshund puppy wants to play. You said this was the game room! Where are all the games? Posted by veganlove on Tumblr.

If you ever have the opportunity to hold and caress Dachshund puppies, remember to use both hands, providing appropriate support for the Dachshund's elongated spine. I've read that, as they age, Dachshunds don't especially enjoy being held. Like many legendary strongmen in myth and legend, Dachshunds seem to gain power and authority from their close relationship to the earth. This Dachshund puppy seems content enough to give us a precious puppy smile!

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This Dachshund puppy gives you a knowing grin. Perhaps he's just passed wind, a source of many infant smiles.. Posted by halesmbee on Tumblr.

Dachshund puppies and their unique families

As they mature, Dachshund puppies are known for nearly single-minded devotion and loyalty to their family, and have a reputation for being reticent around new people. These next few cute puppy pictures show that, for Dachshund puppies, family can be quite an expansive term. Fully-grown dogs might be set in their ways, but puppies seem to find love and community no matter where they go!

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Dogs and cats, living together! Is there anything more adorable than a kitten and a Dachshund puppy napping? Photo by Annemieke Kierkels, via Amateur Fotografie on Facebook.

Everyone coos and chirps when kittens and puppies spend time together. What will you think when the juxtaposition of animal pals is slightly more outlandish? What would you say if I brought out this photo of a tiny pink piglet adopted by a family of Dachshund puppies? Clearly the Dachshund puppies are deeper sleepers than the piglet would like. Wake up, Dachshund puppy! It is time to play!

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Piglets and Dachshund puppies -- two great baby animals that go great together! Posted by icantbelievenickie on Tumblr.

Pigs and Dachshund puppies have more in common than you might think; both keep their noses to the ground in search of the earth's hidden mysteries. A little further afield, though, is this pairing. In 2013, the international puppy picture appreciation community nearly imploded when a capybara named Cheesecake became an adoptive parent to a litter of forsaken Dachshund puppies. Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas is where this frankly marvelous family came together.

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World's best mom: Cheesecake the capybara has fostered Dachshund puppies and Bulldog puppies. Photo by Rocky Ridge Refuge on Facebook.

All my friends know the low rider

Whether they're hanging around the house or spending time with the family, Dachshund puppies, like any other infant canines, need regular exercise in the great outdoors. Dachshund puppies are frisky, energetic, and curious dogs. Here's a Dachshund puppy enjoying the best part of the day, where he has his pick of visiting birds and squirrels to chase around the backyard.

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Dachshund puppies are also notorious barkers, so some time outside will give him a chance to get the sillies out. Tiny Dachshund by Shutterstock.

One thing all Dachshund owners know is that Dachshund puppies can be vociferous creatures. Barking or whining, Dachshund puppies pack more vocal power than their small dog breed size might indicate. Our final cute puppy picture shows a representative of English cream Dachshund puppies. There's nothing this Dachshund puppy likes more than to cool out by the dock on a warm summer evening.

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This English cream Dachshund puppy is having the time of its life down by the docks. Posted by thatcutetranscouple on Tumblr.

Let's hear from all the Dachshund fans out there! I know you're out there in your thousands! Dachshunds are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and we'd love to know why. If you are a devoted Dachshund owner or a committed Doxieholic, share your love for these amazing dogs in the comments!

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