Can Dogs Survive on Deli Meat Alone?

 |  Nov 28th 2011  |   0 Contributions

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I'll have what you're having

Is it bad for a dog's health to basically feed her deli turkey for every meal? I think it has too much sodium, but my friend thinks that it is a good diet for his senior dog.

Harlingen, TX

Does your friend feed it for every meal, or with every meal? A slice of deli turkey isn't going to hurt a Labrador Retriever as long as it's part of a high-quality diet.

However, if your friend is feeding nothing but deli turkey, the dog likely will develop nutritional insufficiencies and health problems. Dogs need balanced diets just like people do.

Some types of deli turkey are high in sodium. Perhaps others are not. But it isn't the sodium I'm worried about. It's the lack of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients.

My pal Buster gets an occasional cold cut, but his main diet is dog food. Your friend should take care to balance his dog's diet as well.


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