Bulldog Saves Drowning Kittens

 |  Aug 5th 2008  |   0 Contributions

One of our Dogster members just brought this, make you want to say "awww," story to my attention. It appears that an English Bulldog, Napoleon, risked life and paw to save a bag of drowning kittens.

Because of the breeds history of poor swimming ability, this morning's news came as a bit of a shock to me! Napoleon, an obedient and well behaved two year old white English Bulldog in Michigan abruptly left his master's side yesterday and raced out across a road and into a nearby lake.

Napoleon's owner saw him coming back from the lake and pulling, what appeared to be, a burlack sack that he had retrieved.

It was then that Napoleon's owner heard the meowing and realized that there were abandoned kittens inside the bag! Six kittens in total, although two of them didn't survive and the remaining four were in bad shape. Napoleon's mom cared for the survivor's for the next two weeks until they could be taken in to the city pet adoption center and found new homes.

Don't think that Napolean wasn't rewarded for this heroic act of bravery. At the adoption center, where the kittens were brought, crowds gathered to praise the brave bulldog and cuddle the rescued kittens. While I'm sure Napoleon appreciated all the praise he was no doubt thinking "I hope there's a huge steak waiting for me at home".

A special thanks to Roxanne and her pal Maddy for bringing this story to my attention.


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