British House of Commons Remembers Chef Rich Stein's Jack Russell Terrier Chalky

 |  Jan 25th 2007  |   0 Contributions

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How sweet of MP Pelling for making note of Chalky! I'm sure his family appreciates the consideration.

Thanks to BBC News for this information.

Tributes paid to chef's dead dog

A House of Commons motion has been tabled to remember the dog of celebrity chef Rick Stein.
Chalky the Jack Russell, who was 17, died on 13 January. He became well-known through his appearances on Cornish chef Stein's television series.

Conservative MP Andrew Pelling for Croydon Central tabled the motion saying Chalky was a character that would be missed.

He said losing a family pet could cause "heartache and distress".

Rick Stein said his dog was loved by everyone.

He said that Chalky had always been the family dog who was loved by his children, and was healthy right up until the last six months of his life.

Follow this link to read the rest.


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