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Boxer Puppies: Mischief-Makers or Model Citizens Among Dogs?

Depending on training, Boxer puppies can be naughty or nice; these 11 pictures show all sides.

 |  May 6th 2014  |   1 Contribution

I know what you're all thinking and whispering to each other: "Melvin, you always present baby puppies in this highly idealized, super-precious way. You make it seem like puppy ownership is as simple and trouble-free as the world presented in cute puppy pictures." I've taken this into account and am happy to present a gallery of Boxer puppies getting into all manner of mischief. We can all agree that, at birth, all puppies are too adorable for words.

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A tiny, adorable baby Boxer puppy. Can you handle the pink nose and paw? Posted by cottoncandypink on Tumblr.

We can also agree that raising puppies is a weighty responsibility, and never one to be undertaken lightly. Boxer puppies are not special in this regard. I certainly don't mean to insinuate that Boxer puppies are more mischievous than any other breed of dog; it just so happens that Boxer puppies were up next in my calendar of puppy pictures. These caveats out of the way, it seems like no time at all between the stages of tiny, mewling infant and the first time you get the guilty look from Boxer puppies.

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You can almost hear that Steve Urkel voice, whining, "Did I do that?" Posted by lolcuteanimals on Tumblr.

Out of the whelping box, straight into mischief

Boxer puppies start up with impish behavior from the moment they take their first tentative steps out of the whelping box. Training and socialization are key elements to a happy life with Boxer puppies. These little guys and gals, after all, become huge and physically imposing dogs. Keep an eye on this little fellow!

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Boxer puppies grow into great guard dogs, but this puppy looks like he's up to something! Posted by cottoncandypink on Tumblr.

Boxer puppies were made for the outdoors. Being outside, running about, playing with toys, and pawing at stuff -- this is a top-flight day of action and adventure for Boxer puppies. When they want a snack before dinner, though, Boxer puppies will try and get sneaky. This puppy has yet to understand that a cat-flap isn't, perhaps, the best route to the treat bowl.

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This Boxer puppy thought he'd try sneaking into the house through the cat-flap. No such luck! Posted by boxerlovers on Tumblr.

That we have such things as cute puppy pictures, of course, owes as much to human waggery as to anything Boxer puppies get into of their own accord. When this Boxer puppy came back from surgery with an Elizabethan collar, her owner couldn't resist preparing a Boxer martini, complete with olive garnish. Someone's being mischievous here, and it's not the dog!

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Shaken by surgery, stirred by her owner, this Boxer puppy martini is human mischief! Photo by missing_the_point_ on Reddit.

Boxer puppies are well known for toting things around in their mouths. Whether it's a toy, quilt, or any other item that's not nailed to the floor -- if a Boxer puppy can get a hold of something that catches her eye, she'll carry it around and leave it somewhere else. This Boxer puppy's favorite toy seems to have gotten the best of her!

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After many unsuccessful attempts to carry it around the yard, this Boxer puppy was mauled by a stuffed bear. Posted by boxerlovers on Tumblr.

No room in the house is safe from the shenanigans of Boxer puppies. It's not that Boxer puppies go around looking for trouble to get into; they are, however, inquisitive and interested in finding new things to play with. Did you remember to close the bathroom door? No? Well, don't be surprised to walk in on this scene, which is both amusing and frustrating. Have fun re-rolling the toilet paper!

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Boxer puppies aren't the only ones who get up to mischief in the bathroom. This scene will be familiar to millions. Boxer puppy playing in bathroom by Shutterstock.

If you're anything like me, you've embarrassed yourself by saying something idiotic at the most inopportune moment. We call it "putting one's foot in one's mouth." Boxer puppies have their own methods, maybe too literal, of letting their mouths get them into trouble. Let this little guy's odd predicament be a lesson to us all.

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This Boxer puppy finds himself in a strange predicament. You should buy him a new squeak toy. Posted by lolcuteanimals on Tumblr.

Boxer puppies can also be model citizens

As this rogues' gallery of mischievous Boxer puppies shows, puppy ownership can be challenging, to say the least. To be sure, it's the most rewarding kind of challenge that one can endure. Boxer puppies are eager, excitable, and enthusiastic friends to dog owners who are ready and willing to put in the work that training requires. Before we go, let's meet a few Boxer puppies who are model citizens. This tiny baby Boxer puppy's interests include sitting still in the garden and appreciating the scent of tulips.

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Well trained and socialized, Boxer puppies can teach us to appreciate the world around us. Posted by whiteboxerlove on Tumblr.

Is it possible to sit Boxer puppies next to flowers and not have them inspire confidence, ease, and a sense of pervading calm? Sure, this brindle Boxer puppy seems contented, seated next to a little garden pinwheel, but be careful not to let her sit idle for too long. Boxer puppies need stimulation and interaction, so make sure she has toys to play with and things to occupy her mind!

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A Boxer puppy and a garden ornament. You automatically feel safe and secure. Posted by sogni-e-pensieri on Tumblr.

Boxer puppies love to play. Growing into solid, well-built dogs, they never really lose the joy and excitement that comes along with meeting new friends. This trio of Boxer puppies is high-spirited, but they know that the time for romping, free-wheeling and cutting loose is when they're outside or at the dog park. You'll never catch these Boxer puppies unraveling the toilet paper or getting their heads stuck in the cat-flap at the back of the house.

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Rambunctiousness is appropriate at the dog park; in the bathroom, not so much. Boxer puppies by Shutterstock.

Are your Boxer puppies naughty or nice?

Every dog is different; each has her own personality and tendencies. Much depends on us, as dog owners, to train and socialize them in order to corral their wilder instincts.

Do you have any experience with Boxer puppies? Does your Boxer puppy guard the house at night and rifle through the clean clothes basket when you're at work? Share your experiences with Boxers at every stage of life in the comments!


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