Bo In Charge

 |  Apr 27th 2009  |   2 Contributions

We have an Exclusive Special Guest Post by Sheryl Matthys

The economy, bailouts, foreclosures - all need to take a back seat right now as did you witness as I did the trouble at the White House?

Obama Bo is pulling all the weight literally dragging our Commander-n-Chief and First Family across the lawn.

I heard Bo had been at puppy boot-camp, so what happened?

Alright, so the Obama family is a pup themselves when it comes to dog leadership. So we need to help the First Family get a grip on Bo while the President has the lead on the nation.

So let's put the kids in charge! That's what Oscar Winner Marcia Gay Harden did with her daughter, Eulala, for their dogs even though they have a tte--tte on whether she's resentful.

The girls first command for Bo is to teach him sit, down, and off.

What would you like Bo to learn? Let me know as we'll continue the sessions for Bo!

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert, helps you learn what your relationship with your dog can teach you about yourself, and how that knowledge makes your human relationships more successful - in life, with friends, family, associates, and in love! As creator ofLeashes and Lovers online social community, a certified dog trainer with a psychology degree and masters in Radio/TV, Sheryls doled out advice to thousands of dog lovers.

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