Blankets for Babies Needs Help!

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As many of you know, Blankets for Babies is a wonderful group that makes blankets for shelter furbabies with no home of their own. There are so many things we can do to help them fulfill that mission of bringing some tangible love to dogs and cats waiting for homes.

One thing Missy didn't mention is that Blankets for Babies also has a CafePress site.

Thanks Missy for barking this into the Dog Blog Barkout Group.

There is more of a demand for blankets then there is people making them. And don't be scared when I say make blankets. If you don't have a sewing machine, or much time to do them. You can always do TIE BLANKETS, they are so easy. I do them while I am relaxing at night watching TV.

Go to the group for blanket examples, we are always looking for more members as well:
Link to Dogster group page

And if you cant do either, (which everyone can do tie blankets they are that easy). You can help raise money for supplies for the other members to make them, and shipping.

1. You can collect EMPTY SODA BOTTLES, they send you 4 boxes and they hold 70 bottles each. Each bottle gets $.05 a bottle, $0.06 with no label on it. It does seem like much but it adds up, that and you are helping the environment! Go here to sign up: Link to Terracycle

2. You can save your OLD CELL PHONES and INK CARTAGES and send them in to this link. And they will give money for them to the group. Link to Funding Factory

3. We are COLLECTING THINGS to SELL on EBay. You just send pictures to Dixies mom, and she will put it up on EBay. And send you the money to send it out. Email Tara for more information. (Email address found on website.)

4. You could BUY SOME of the THINGS OFF EBay we are selling, and your money will be going to the group, and you will be getting something out of it. Go here to view things for sell. (If there is anything now, there will be soon.)

5. You can GET a PORTRAIT by Statia for a minimum donation of $15. Email Tara for more information. (Email address found on website.)

6. And also we could always use MATIRIAL DONATIONS, to make the blankets.

7. And any other way you can think of!

All this can also be found on the Blankets for Babies website


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