Bentley Orders A Coffee At The Drive-Thru

 |  Nov 21st 2008  |   6 Contributions

There are a few things that I must clarify before I go on with the story. First, Bentley is a 50 lb. Boxer and Shar-Pei mix rescue that was adopted a month ago. Second, the coffee house didn't have a drive-thru.

It all started when musician owner, Bryan Maher, stopped at the Cool Beanz coffee shop in Long Island to sign up for open mike night. Maher left the car running because it was cold out and he didn't want his newly adopted pup to freeze. He figured it would only take a minute, what could happen?

"The next thing I knew, I looked up to see my van coming at me in the window, with Bentley in the driver's seat grinning at me."

"Bentley was driving a '92 Ford van!" marveled shop owner Patricia McCarthy, 57. "I was astonished, very much so."

The crash left the shop's glass front window cracked, some patio furniture busted and the van with minor damage, but neither Maher nor McCarthy was mad at the lovable dog, who was unscathed.

"Aw, Bentley was wagging his tail afterward," said McCarthy. "He really is a sweet dog."

Maher still got his booking for the Saturday open mic, and Bentley will be getting a new doggy jacket for Christmas to keep warm.


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