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'Tis the Season -- Time to Duck and Cover

GiGi the Boston Terrier gives advice on dealing with holiday angries -- dog and human alike!

 |  Dec 3rd 2012  |   0 Contributions

Dear GiGi,

The holidays are coming up, and I’m really excited. But it seems like people start to act strange and get a little edgy around this time. Any suggestions on keeping the peace this year?


Spokane, WA

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Does this chair make me look fat?

Hey there, Marci!

I know what you mean about people starting to act all squirrely during the holidays. It could be all the Best Buy glamping or fist fighting over a sale bin of chintzy knickers in the name of “holiday spirit” and hopes of “world peace.” 

This is exactly why establishing a pack order is the way to go. Take Christmas Day for example. I’m the first to run to the tree to claim my treat-stuffed stocking, but Santa help the little dog who tries to get his teeth on my stuff! While I never actually bite, I do a convincing Cujo impersonation, give or take 80 pounds. This tactic works only on dogs 5 pounds or less, though, so instead, I know it’s best to wait my turn when it comes to the rest of the pack. 

There’s usually more than enough to go around, and it makes for a much more pleasant holiday with less snarling and raised hackles. And I’m just talking about the humans!

Hugs & Slobbery Licks!


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