Animal Shelter Needs Funds To Stay Open

 |  Oct 12th 2009  |   1 Contribution

The Pratt Humane Society in Pratt, KS needs to raise $18,000 by October 18th in order to stay open. They took out a loan in 2008 to pay for their building and now only have 8 days to pay it back. On top of that, their boiler broke leaving them with no heat. To fix it would cost $6,300 which they don't have.

The shelter is a lifeline for animals that need a home, many dogs there have been abused or abandoned. Here are the details from KAKE 10.

angelKS32.14811977-1-pn"If we close down, absolutely it would be terrible because there would be nowhere for someone to take an unwanted animal," said the Pratt Area Humane Society Board President Pam Howell.

"We're pretty desperate. It's a crisis situation," said Howell.

Now they are pleading with the public for help. If they are forced to close, the animals already there would go to other shelters. But for those who still need help, it could be devastating.

"If animal control did pick up an animal, it would just be euthanized after the three day hold so there would be no adoptions. If you're out of town for those three days, tough luck," said Howell. "We're working hard trying to do good things but we can't do it without their support," said Howell.

To help the shelter, you can send money to the Pratt Area Humane Society, 10233 Bluestem Blvd., Pratt, KS, 67124. Or go to their website and make a donation.

Pictured is Angel, she's a Plott Hound/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. See more adorable Pratt Humane Society dogs by going to their website, adopt your new best friend.


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