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 |  Jul 4th 2010  |   0 Contributions

When I diagnose a patient with a disability such as deafness or blindness the animal's owner often responds with great concern. This worry is generally, in my experience, unfounded. Deaf and blind pets generally adapt well to their circumstances and lead essentially normal lives. A recent article on described some ways in which dogs with hearing deficits may make especially good pets.

Damn! Someone has scooped my TV deal. A Michigan newspaper reports that a reality show based on a veterinarian may be in the works. Looks like I'll have to keep blogging for now. Actually, wasn't there already a veterinary-based reality show on the air several years ago?

After much ballyhoo and hype, Las Vegas' mandatory spay and neuter law has taken effect.

An amusing story from New York describes some of the sillier and more unbelievable things that dogs (and rarely cats) eat. Not on the list are two of my personal favorites: a string of Christmas lights and a box of garbage bags!

Dogs are able to detect low blood sugar in people with diabetes and to predict seizures (and protect their owners during seizures) in people with epilepsy. A recent article outlined another amazing way that dogs may be able to help people: a Belgian Malinois was trained to detect prostate cancer by sniffing the urine of affected men.


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