Megan's Law-Style Registry for Animal Abusers

 |  Mar 15th 2010  |   1 Contribution

Many child abusers and serial killers cut their teeth by abusing or torturing animals. A nationwide campaign is working to create a Megan's Law-style registry of convicted animal abusers. California may be the first state to implement the initiative. Click here to read more.

I never cease to be amazed when news outlets report that obviously dangerous animals held in captivity will not be punished for injuring or killing a trainer or keeper. SeaWorld recently stated that it will not euthanize an Orca (known in non-politically-correct circles as a killer whale) that killed an experienced trainer a short while ago. The most surprising part of the story is quoted below.

Though captive land mammals, including tigers and chimpanzees, are routinely killed on sight or later euthanized if they attack people, SeaWorld said it has never killed an animal for displaying aggressive behavior.

I am tempted to commend SeaWorld for this. But everyone knows that tigers, chimpanzees, and "killer whales" are dangerous to humans. Zoos and aquariums that house famously dangerous species have no business punishing their charges when nature takes its course.

A year ago the Vet Blog reported on a Massachusetts teenager's drive to make debarking illegal. WBZ reports that surgical devocalization of cats and dogs may soon be history in the Bay State.

If you are a person who delights at the thought of snuggling with your beloved pet Great Basin Rattlesnake on a cold winter's night, then you are out of luck . . . if you live in Utah.

Photo: does snookie-wookums want a hug?


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