Animal News Wrap-up!

 |  Sep 24th 2010  |   2 Contributions

Regular readers know that my pet subject involves the health benefits that humans derive from cats and dogs. An ever-growing body of evidence supports the use of animal assisted therapy to treat a wide variety of human troubles. An article from Indiana delved into the subject the other day.

I hate animal suffering. Therefore I wish no cats ever went outside. Outdoor cats suffer perpetual calamities that involve cars, trucks, buses, trains, wild animals, dogs, and other cats. An article from Portland, Oregon discussed a survey recently taken in the city. The survey found that 60% of cat owners in Portland keep their cats indoors at all times. It's better than nothing, but still leaves a lot of cats exposed to unnecessary hazards. The leading reason why people keep cats indoors is a previous bad experience with an outdoor cat. Why do people insist upon learning this lesson the hard way?

I have never been a fan of breed-specific local ordinances such as Pit Bull bans. Problem dogs could not exist without irresponsible owners. An article from Denver reports on a recent federal regulation that allows Pit Bulls to serve as therapy dogs. The ruling may interfere with the city's ban on the breed.


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