Angel Dog Saves Stroke Victim's Life

 |  Dec 30th 2009  |   11 Contributions

If it hadn't been for her dear dog Milky Way, Priscilla Elit might not be alive to ring in the new year. Elit collapsed on the floor of the Minnesota home she shares with her sister, Julie Chipperfield. When she collapsed, Milky Way started frantically scratching on her "aunt's" door until she came out and called 911. Paramedics were able to save her sister. She had had a stroke, and every second counted. Milky Way is being hailed as Elit's hero, angel, and shining star.

This video shows the sweet dog and her grateful owners, but it seems to be missing the reporter's voice, so there are awkward silences. Oh well, it's the dog and her people we're interested in anyway!


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