Amazing Pooch Parcour Video!

 |  Dec 3rd 2009  |   10 Contributions

I may look like a couch potato, but really, I'm more of a loveseat potato these days...

Hi fellow dogs and Dogsters!

This is my first blog post for Dogster. I'm a little nervous, because typing without opposable thumbs is tricky. But if I sit just so, the tip of my tail can tap the space bar, and all is well. If I don't sit just so, my tail fails me, andtheresultisthateverythingIwritelookslikethis.

Today I bring you a rockin' techno video featuring a gorgeous, athletic dog doing her version of parcour. She is a true traceuse, as they say in the sport. For those of you who don't know what parcour is, click on this link for an explanation that will make even the most couch potato-y people get into high gear.

I have to say that I personally could totally do everything Roxy is doing, and I could do it with my eyes closed. Yeah, I really could! Wait, you don't believe me, I can tell! You know, I don't always lie around sleeping like I am in the picture above. No! Sometimes I even sleep on my back!

Without further ado, I bring you the one and only Roxy, working her magic to a tune from an album called American-Made Music to Strip By. (I personally do not hear the stripping appeal of this music, but then again, I only wear a coat, and it doesn't come off that easily.)


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