A Word About Texas Governor Rick Perry and Dogs

 |  Nov 4th 2011  |   0 Contributions

Inever intendedto get all political on you, Dogsters.

But I just noticed that Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry's Twitter avatar is a photo of himself with a dog. -->

A black dog, no less. At animal shelters, black dogs happen to be sorely underrepresented, overlookedK9 constituents.

The dog is even wearing a coat.

It's anice photo.

Also, Gov. Perry is a huge advocate of adult stem cell regeneration therapy — precisely the kind of stem cells that have so dramatically improved quality of life for my beloved dog Sheba.Just imagine if we humans could also benefit from that kind of breakthrough medical technology.

And just imagine if an American president would some day speak outinfavor ofshelter dog adoption— and actually adopt a shelter dog.

Just sayin'.

Does it matter to you if a presidential candidate is a Dogster? Bring on the comments!


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