A Touching, Must-Watch Dog Video

 |  Dec 11th 2009  |   18 Contributions

Keep the Kleenex handy for this one. We're happy to bring you this heartwarming video of Ricochet, a golden retriever who was born into a program where she trained for many months as a service dog. But her love of chasing birds proved too much, and she was released from the program. Her person, who had worked so diligently and lovingly with her to create a service dog extraordinaire, was extremely disappointed.

But then she had an idea: Why not let Ricochet follow one of her passions so she can still be a help to others? Ricochet likes to surf as much as she likes to chase birds. So her person trained her to accompany a quadriplegic teen surfer. Ricochet is joyful when surfing with this boy. By being allowed to follow her bliss, she blossomed.

"When I let go of who I wanted her to be, and just let her 'be,' she flourished," her person profoundly states. (I know a lot of parents who could benefit from this wisdom.) Ricochet now helps raise funds for all kinds of great causes just by being the dog she was meant to be.

There's something very touching about this dog, and her life path, and the lessons we could all stand to learn from her. She and her person turned disappointment into a joyful new direction. And in the video, they do it to the Taylor Hicks song, Do I Make You Proud. The combination makes for a hanky-worthy five minutes.

Click here to learn more about Ricochet and her current fundraisers.

Ricochet surfs


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