9 Foolproof Tips to Train Stubborn Dogs

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This list comes to us from the Listropolis Blog and has some interesting ideas. I wonder if these would work with my most stubborn pack member, Star?

Thanks to Shaun for barking in this article.

9 Foolproof Tips Anyone Can Do to Train a Stubborn Dog
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April 4, 2008

(A Listropolis Original)

I have a Jack Russell Terrier, and if youre familiar with this breed, you know I have my hands full. Jack Russells are extremely active, and often difficult to train. My dogs name is Dag (video to explain the name), which isnt really important, but I took him to a training class at 7 weeks old, and the tips I learned in the class were amazing - so amazing in fact, that Im sharing them with you. These are all very simple, and Ive used them to work with four other dogs, all with incredible results.

Tip 1: Socialize - If you have a puppy, its important to socialize your dog. This doesnt mean take it to a dog park, and just let him run around. That couls actually hurt your training efforts because your dog will learn from the other dogs in the park. To properly socialize your dog, try making friends with other dog owners, and let the dogs play for 10-15 minutes a day, but keep a good eye on your dog to make sure its not growling, or showing any other aggresive behavior.

Tip 2: The Number 12 - This also applies for puppies (younger than 1 year old). Bring your dog to 12 different places, and have it walk on 12 different surfaces. I was told a story about a dog that would walk up to the vets door, and freeze. He loved the vet, but would not walk into the office. Turns out, the dog was afraid of the surface changing from concrete to tile. Introducing your dog to 12 places and 12 surfaces helps them overcome any fears of their surroundings. Very simple, but also very effective, and usually overlooked.

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