5-Kleenex Video: Rescue of Abandoned, Scared Dog

 |  Dec 23rd 2011  |   0 Contributions

This is one of the most moving rescue videos I've seen. A scared, shaking dog was abandoned in a Walmart parking lot, and a wonderful rescuer from Hope for Paws spent more than two hours building up her trust underneath the cars where she was hiding before he could get close enough to take her under his wing. (And he appeared to be holding a videocamera in one hand much of the time!)

It's heartbreaking, because we all know that Cora is just one of so many abandoned dogs out there like this. But it's hopeful because the rescue is emblematic of what hundreds of incredible rescue groups do every day.

I will give you the warning now: If you are at all the meltable sort, don't watch this without having some Kleenex handy. If you want to see more like this, go to the Hope for Paws YouTube channel. A big thank-you to Dogster's "watch dog," John Williams, for passing this along just in time for the holiday weekend.


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