3rd Annual Adopt Contest & Stroll -- Have Fun for a Good Cause!

 |  Apr 21st 2008  |   0 Contributions

Dogsters are always looking for ways to help others. Dogster Shiloh and her human barked in to invite us all to join the 3rd Annual Adopt Contest & Stroll to draw attention to the fact that there are many wonderful furbabies waiting to be adopted.

And there are some excellent prizes too!

Here's some of the information from the Dogster Forums:

Its time for The 3rd Annual Adopt Stroll and Contest! As promised to our pal, Lucia, the creator of this contest, we will keep on rockin' with the Adopt Stroll and we are super excited! We miss you Lucia! This one is for you!

Who can enter and what do you need to do?
All Dogsters are welcome!! Pups who have been adopted, awaiting adoption, transport pets or volunteer or who just support adoption! Thats pretty much every pup! BOL! You do not have to be adopted to be eligible. Your entry MUST include a picture and a diary entry or bio on your page. The entry/bio can be a story, a poem, an essay so long as it's on your page! It must reflect adoption and what it means to you.

What's the Deadline?
Pictures must be entered before Sunday, May 11th @ 9 pm Dogster time ~~ that gives you plenty of time to decide on your entry!

Can I enter more than one picture?
Only ONE picture per pup. If you have multiple dogs, each dog can have one individual photo entered. Entering more than one photo can cause you to be disqualified!

What type of picture?
Photos must capture 'the good life'. Whether it's lounging on a comfy couch, playing fetch with your human or wrestling with your siblings: any picture that shows the positive impact of being in a great home!

Pictures can be animated, edited or anything else to celebrate adoption and rescue but no special consideration is given for edited pictures!

Follow this link to find out how to enter and see the fabulous prizes.


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