10 Dogs From Tennessee Puppy Mill Raid Adopted By Lottery

 |  Jul 17th 2008  |   5 Contributions

In a pet center near Jacksonville, Fl a special adoption event was held.

About 300 people clustered in front of the building and drew random numbers for their chance to take home a purebred dog rescued from a June 25 puppy-mill raid in Tennessee.

The dogs were saved from undersized cages and filthy living conditions and sent to pet adoption centers across the country. St. Johns County received about 30, 10 of which were immediately available.

It's heartwarming to see so many people who want to adopt these wonderful dogs. If only it didn't take a purebred puppy to get this many potential adopters to open their homes. There are so many wonderful mixed breeds available for adoption everyday, let's not forget about them.

Department Manager Paul Studivant said he hoped the clamor for the purebred pups would lead to some of the center's other animals finding an owner. He tried to convince one of the pet-lottery winners to take home a solid-looking Labrador mix.

All 10 of the available purebreds, including two pugs that still require surgery, were snatched up by the end of the event. An additional eight dogs and two cats from the center's general population also were adopted.

I give a special kudos to Paul Studivant for treating all the adoptable dogs as equals and not overlooking the importance of all of them getting homes. This story isn't over yet, there's a little fella I need to tell you about.

Buster, a 1-year-old,light-brown German shepherd mix pawed at the air as people kept walking past his cage. It looked like he was beckoning each passerby to glance his way. His deep brown eyes looked melancholy as few took the time to get that far.

So, for any one looking for a dog named Buster, or one of the many other adoptable dogs, the St. Johns County Pet Center is at 130 N. Stratton Road. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Prospective pet owners can call (904) 209-6190.

7/17 UPDATE: I just received a message from Thom W. that Buster has a new home. That's great news, but there are still many dogs there that need forever homes.

In Jacksonville's newspaper today, there is an article stating that Buster now has a new home. A local doctor has adopted him.


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