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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Bassadors About Town (and Everywhere Else!)
Smart *and* Stubbon!
A group for that special Basset Hound / Labrador Retriever in... [more]   159 join
  The Unique's
For the Unique dogs
This is a club for all of u that dose not... [more]   6 join
  Every one welcomed!
Every one come in!
A place where everyone can expres   6 join
  Minnie's Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Welcome to Minnie's Art Gallery.   4 join
  We Love Scooby Snacks!!
We're Silly for Scooby Snacks!!
A group for all who can't get enough Scooby Snacks!   9 join
  The Cairn Terrier Dogs
(Cairn Terrier )
Woof Woof!
We are a group of Cairn terriers! Any Cairn can join!... [more]   39 join
  Is your name Bear
Bears unite
All Bears welcome   6 join
  Jack Russell's Rock
(Jack Russell Terrier )
I'm a feisty little dog and.....
.....I rule in my back yard   39 join
  *~If it's not a Pitbull, It's just a dog~*
(American Pit Bull Terrier)
Pits CAN be friendly dogs!
Another one of those Pitbull Groups!   27 join
  ☺☻Just smile!☺☻
*The land of happy pups and kitties*
All happy pups and kitties are welcome here! With games, competitions... [more]   8 join
Dont belong?Now you do!!
All breeds are welcome!!!   21 join
  Purrsonal Therapy Pets
Angels with Fur
This is a group for pets whose pawrent has a chronic... [more]   3 join
  ~♥*Kitty Cat Love*♥~
Kitty cats are love
This is my first group and I want it to have... [more]   26 join
  dog world
hi,Welcome to dog world.=)!(=   15 Invite Only
  a day at dog beach!!!!!
a day at dog beach!!
take a ride to the beach!!! come into our hotel and... [more]   12 Invite Only
  because i love animals
animal lovers only
all who love animals   3 join
  Naughty Pup Club
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
This group is for the naughtiest of the naughty. If you're... [more]   463 Invite Only
  Guide Dogs/PIT/CC'd/CCI
Learning today, Leading Tomorrow
This group is all about working Guides, Puppy's in training, and... [more]   95 join
  Pittsburgh Steelers Fans
We got one for the thumb!
Ths group is for pets and their owners across the world... [more]   141 join
  Lovely Dogs!
Lovely lovely PUPPIES!
Anyone is aloud! Just be a DOG!   3 join
  Beach Babes
For all the beach lovers
Sun, sea, sand...what could be better?   3 join
  Dumb Blondes Unite
(Golden Retriever )
cute and but not super smart :0)
WEare cute, we are blonde, we are dumb and proud of... [more]   19 join
  ♥ Saving Animals' Lives ♥
If we can stick together we can do it!
Where we can help spread the word about animal abuse.   399 join
  Bold Border Collies
(Border Collie )
The cool place for Border Collies purebreds, mixes, wannabes, etc. to... [more]   30 join
  Flecken's Fundraisers
Paws for the Cause
A Place to Support Your Local Wiener Dogs and the SPCA... [more]   13 join
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