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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  !!! Mutts !!!
(German Shepherd)
If your a Mutt come join!
calling all mutts!! California, United States  1193 join
  German Shepherds
(German Shepherd)
All GSD's are welcomed in this group.
Welcome to "German Shepherds!" Make your self at home and enjoy... [more]   1016 join
  GSDs World
(German Shepherd)
Proud to be a GSD
Join the German Shepherds World   530 Invite Only
  A Friend 4 Life
(German Shepherd)
Friendly and sweet :)
If you ever need a friend or need a favor done... [more] Erie, Pennsylvania, United States  418 join
(German Shepherd)
Anybody with a German Shepherd Dog or Anyone that wants to... [more]   367 join
  German Shepherds... wonder dogs
(German Shepherd)
Proud to be a German Shepherd
He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer;... [more] United States  342 join
  !!!German Shepherds Unite !!!
(German Shepherd)
For German Shepards.
If you are a German Shepherd then join! California, United States  269 join
  ♥ German Shepherds Inc.♥
(German Shepherd)
"German Shepherds do it better."
This is a group for people who adore German Shepherds. A... [more] Alpine, Texas, United States  240 join
  Purebred German Shepherd Dogs of America
(German Shepherd)
This is a fun group directory dedicated to the purebred... [more] Corona, California, United States  215 join
  German Shepherds Unite
(German Shepherd)
German Shepherds Unite!
Do you look like a German Shepherd, am a German Shepherd,... [more]   190 join
  *~German Shepard Club~*
(German Shepherd)
Welcome Shepards
Are you a german shepard? United States  151 join
  Female GSD's of America
(German Shepherd)
GSD's, "American Beauties"
All beauties come join in the coral United States  137 join
  White German Shepherd Group
(German Shepherd)
We know we're gorgeous.
Group for White German Shepherds North Carolina, United States  132 join
  German Shepherds or German Shepherd mixes only
(German Shepherd)
welcome all
This group is only for German Shepherds or German Shepherd mixes!!!!!!!!... [more]   124 join
  GSD's "Big Boys"
(German Shepherd)
Big Boys with Big Hearts
German Shepard Big Boys with Big Hearts United States  109 join
  !!!!German Shepherds UNITE!!!
(German Shepherd)
Everyone is different!
This is where we can share our stories and get advice!... [more] Orwell, Ohio, United States  105 join
  For the Love of German Sheperds
(German Shepherd)
German Shepards will take over Dogster!
Any German Shepard (or mixed German Shepard) can join. Nahant/boston, Massachusetts, United States  85 join
  we need friends
(German Shepherd)
all dogs welcome Maine, Maine, United States  77 join
  German Shepherds:one of the best breeds
(German Shepherd)
German Shepherds:one of the best breeds
For all who have German Shepherds and love them dearly Massachusetts, United States  72 join
  All-Black German Shepherd Dog Lovers
(German Shepherd)
Black is Beautiful!
A group for those who love the beautiful, yet under-appreciated, all-black... [more]   72 Invite Only
  ♠ Lovely Shepherds ♠
(German Shepherd)
German Shephards only! *PRIVATE*
Welcome German Shephards & their lovely owners!   69 join
  ╪▒GeRmAn ShEpErDs╪▒
(German Shepherd)
if your a german sheperd come right in
german sheperds come on and we'll invite you!   68 join
  Ontario German Shepherds
(German Shepherd)
German Shepherds ROCK in Ontario
A place for people that live or have lived in Ontario... [more] Kitchener, Ontario, Canada  67 join
  we adore german shepherds!!!
(German Shepherd)
The GS dog lovers
Welcome to the "We adore german shepherds" group!!!! California, United States  66 join
  Star Shepherds of Texas
(German Shepherd)
German Shepherd
A group for German Shepherds and their pet humans or anyone... [more] College Station, Texas, United States  63 join
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