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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  ~ Dachshunds Forever ~
Dachshunds Trail to World Domination
- Live L O N G and Prosper - Doxies Rule!... [more] United States  1849 join
  Weenie Lovers
(Dachshund )
Quit staring at my weenie!!!
A place for all Dachshund lovers and owners to share their... [more]   1152 join
  Dachshund Adopters
Who rescued whom?
This is a group for anyone who has at least one... [more]   1120 join
(Dachshund )
Man is a dog's idea of what God should be. ... [more]   554 join
  ^^^^******Dachshunds of the world******^^^^
(Dachshund )
Dachshunds,Dachshunds, EVERYWHERE
Dachshunds Here, Dachshunds There, Dachshunds, Dachshunds , EVERYWHERE!!!!!   437 join
  !*~!The Darling Dachshunds!~*!
(Dachshund )
Come join the cutest dachshund group ever!! Owings, Maryland, United States  404 join
  !!!The HOT Dogs!!!
(Dachshund )
The HOT and handsome/beautiful
!!!The group for hot dogs only!!! Rockport, Maine, United States  368 join
  *~Dachsunds 24-7 ~*
(Dachshund )
Dachsunds rock my sox!!!!!!!!
Dachsunds,Dachsunds,and more Dachsunds!!!!!!!!! Red Oak, Texas, United States  267 join
  Texas Dachshunds!!!
(Dachshund )
From the Lone Star State
For any doxie or doxie mix who lives in Texas!!! Texas, United States  260 join
  Dashing for Dachshunds
(Dachshund )
calling all dachshunds
A group for dachshunds and those whole love them Roseville, California, United States  193 join
  Dachsie's for life
(Dachshund )
I am boss of the house
Dachsund's for now and ever Glendale Heights, Illinois, United States  169 join
  Central Texas Dachshunds!!!!
(Dachshund )
Once a Texan always a Texan!
A group for doxies and doxie mixes that live in the... [more] Austin, Texas, United States  159 join
  Dachshund Love
(Dachshund )
For the love of weiners!
A place for Dachshund lovers everywhere! Auburndale, Florida, United States  156 join
  Doxie Lovers
(Dachshund )
Come 1 come all to the Doxie Lovers   145 join
  Pennsylvania Dachshunds
"Penn Dachs"--THE Dachshund Group of PA
A group for Pennsylvania dachshunds lovers to meet, post dachshund pics,... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  143 join
  !!!the weenie group!!!
weenie dogs
FOR WEENIES ONLY!!! United States  140 join
  Slumbering Dachshunds
(Dachshund )
If your doxie or doxie mix has a picture on its... [more] Austin, Texas, United States  139 join
  Massachusetts Dachshunds!
Open to all Massachusettts Dachshunds!
If you are a Dachshund, and you live in Massachusetts, then... [more] Massachusetts, United States  127 join
  Dachshunds Rule
(Dachshund )
I'm a dauchshund and proud of it!!!
A group for dachshund lovers...puppies or near puppies only, until we... [more]   124 join
  Molly D's Doxies
Long and Strong!
A group for Dachshunds and the people who love them California, United States  106 join
  Dapple Doxies Rule!
(Dachshund )
Dapples are cool
This is a group for all the beautiful dapple Dachshunds out... [more]   101 join
(Dachshund )
half a dog high a dog and a half long
Calling all Dachshunds, fun and informational Lets Play!!!   93 join
(Dachshund )
hope you have fun!!!!
this is for dachsunds only not any other breed...sorry:'{. Canton, Georgia, United States  92 join
  Georgia Dachshunds
(Dachshund )
GA dachshunds
Dachshunds and dachshund families in GA Georgia  84 join
  People who love doxies.
(Dachshund )
we love doxies
only doxies can join!   77 join
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