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  Friends of Collies
(Collie )
Forever Collies
All collies, whether blue merle, tris, sable, sable & white or... [more]   199 join
  Cool Collies!
(Collie )
Collies rule!
A group about Collies! Kirbee's Place, Pennsylvania, United States  96 join
  ♥ collie && collie mixes right here! ♥
(Collie )
come come!
any mix collie or collie can join! Poconos, Pennsylvania, United States  80 join
  Friends of Collies Club
(Collie )
Forever Collies
All collies, whether blue merle, tris, sable, sable & white or... [more]   75 join
  *~^Addicted to Dogster^~*
(Collie )
We ♥ Dogster
For all doggies who can't take there paws off Dogster! Pennsylvania, United States  51 join
  Holy Collies!
We'll take anycollie
We welcome any collies, rough, smooth, (majority) mixes! We'd be happy... [more]   47 join
Woof, Woof We're cute
welcome all collies Bogota, Colombia  43 join
(Collie )
collie Halls Head, Australia  36 join
  Rescue Collies
(Collie )
rescue collies
A group dedicated to help out rescue collies   36 join
Lassie, the world's most famous dog
For all those who love Lassie Maryland, United States  35 Invite Only
  White Collie Club
(Collie )
For White Collies Only
Because we're unique United States  24 Invite Only
  collie cool
(Collie )
calling all collies
collies Georgia, United States  21 join
  Border Collies, Shelties and Collies of all kinds
We love our Collies
If you are the parent of a collie welcome! United States  17 join
  Collie Club!
Love is, a collie!
All Rough and Smooth collies welcome! Love is owning a collie!... [more] Australia  15 Invite Only
  Collies and Collie mixes
Cute and Hyper!!
Do you have a collie or collie mix?! Do you want... [more]   14 join
all about collies
all about collies!   13 join
  Collie Are The Best
(Collie )
Where Theres A Collie Theres A Way
A place where collie owners and there pups can socialise and... [more]   11 Invite Only
  Help Me Find Wendy PLEASE!!!!
Help me find my beloved Wendy!!!
Hello! Thanks for joining my group! You'll have tons of fun... [more]   9 join
  Doggie Friends Unite!
(Collie )
Dogs Rule!
A club where doggies can unite! Oreo's House, Pennsylvania, United States  8 join
  Colorado Collies
Collies Anyone?
Collies are hard to find in Colorado. This group is... [more] Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States  8 join
  P.A. Paws
(Collie )
P.A. Paws and Claws
A group with dogs from P.A. Pennsylvania, United States  7 Invite Only

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