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  Curly Eared Cockers
(Cocker Spaniel )
I love my Cocker Spaniel.
This is a special place just to talk about Cocker Spaniels.... [more]   374 join
  Cocker Style
(Cocker Spaniel)
Sweet, Smart, and Stylish is how we are!
Cocker Style shows you how cockers really are!!! We are livin... [more] United States  140 join
  !!!!love us cockers!!!!
(Cocker Spaniel)
Fluffy eared friends
are or want to be a cocker? join United States  130 join
  If you're a Cocker and you know it, WAG YOUR TAIL!
(Cocker Spaniel )
Cockers: "The Happiest Dogs on Earth"
The reason a dog has so many friends is that he... [more] Charlotte, North Carolina, United States  115 join
  Cocker Spaniel Lovers!!!
(Cocker Spaniel )
We are Great and We No it!
For all dogs that love Cocker Spaniels!   91 join
  Cocker Spaniel Clubhouse(CSC)
(Cocker Spaniel)
I love my Cocker Spaniel United States  80 join
  'Spaniels Speak
(Cocker Spaniel)
We speak how the world is treating us
For Cockers by Cockers   76 Invite Only
(Cocker Spaniel )
Cockers with Attitude!
A group about cockers Stuart, Florida, United States  58 join
  Cute Cocker Spaniels
(Cocker Spaniel )
Cocker Spaniel
Just a group for all of those cute cocker spaniels that... [more] Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States  50 join
  Latin Dogs: solo para Latinos
(Cocker Spaniel)
Se permite la entrada a los Latinos Lima, Peru  35 join
  English Cockers!
(Cocker Spaniel )
What More Could I Say?
A little group for the lovers of English Cocker Spaniels!   33 join
  Cocky Cocker Spaniels
(Cocker Spaniel )
We've got it all!!!
A group for all the cocker spaniels who know they... [more] Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States  28 join
  Michigan American Cocker Spaniels
(Cocker Spaniel )
Michigan Wiggle Butts
Those Adorable Cocker Spaniels Milan, Mi, Michigan, United States  28 join
  Cocky Spaniards of Texas
(Cocker Spaniel )
Tail wag?! We perfected the butt wag!
Welcome all Cocker Spaniels of Texas! Dallas, Texas, United States  25 join
  Central Florida Cockers
(Cocker Spaniel )
Let's all play together!
Cocker Spaniel Club Orlando, Florida, United States  24 join
  Cocker Spaniel lovers of Georgia
(Cocker Spaniel)
Georgia cocker lovers
People of Georgia who love Cockers Bethlehem, Georgia, United States  24 join
  Blind Dogs United
(Cocker Spaniel)
Blind but special
How we've adjusted in a seeing world Middle Georgia, Georgia, United States  22 join
  Cockerspaniels Rule!
(Cocker Spaniel )
Cocker spaniels rule
Welcome to a group for cockrspaniels only Kirksville, Missouri, United States  21 Invite Only
  Cockers Are Special
(Cocker Spaniel)
Purebreed cockers
This is for purebreed cockers only   20 join
  The Royal Canine Society
(Cocker Spaniel )
Join Me To Be Royalty Montgomery, Alabama, United States  19 join
  Cocker Spaniel Canine Club
(Cocker Spaniel)
'Dogs with a heart of gold'   18 join
  My name is Ruby!!!
(Cocker Spaniel )
If your name is Ruby, then join! =D
If your name is Ruby, then join the group! Let's try... [more] Connecticut, United States  16 join
(Cocker Spaniel)
We are Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier Charles Mixes & we are beautiful! United States  14 join
  cocker spaniels of florida
(Cocker Spaniel )
floppy eared puppies and doggies
cute funny and floppy ears Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States  14 join
  puppy pals*
(Cocker Spaniel)
*just helpin out*
new people can join and "old dogs" can too! but we... [more] New York, United States  13 join
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