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(Cardigan Welsh Corgi )
The dogster group for Cardis to party!
All about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi!   112 join
  Cardis Unite!
(Cardigan Welsh Corgi )
Cardis are angels from god
share your cardi stories   40 join
  Corgi Play Room
(Cardigan Welsh Corgi )
Woof woof
Corgi vent and info page Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States  35 join
  I ♥ My cardigan welsh corgi!
(Cardigan Welsh Corgi)
only for cardigan welsh corgi members
Welcome to I ♥ my cardigan welsh corgi group. All is... [more]   18 join
  Kirkland K9s
(Cardigan Welsh Corgi )
Kirkland K9s
Lets get out all the Kirkland Kritters out to play Totemlake, Washington, United States  12 Invite Only
  Cardi Love
(Cardigan Welsh Corgi)
The group for people who love talking about their Cardigan Welsh... [more]   4 join

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