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  Boxers International
Where Boxers Rule!100% Wiggle 100% Fun!
Welcome all Boxers from all over the world. We're all... [more] Boxer Kingdom  2092 join
  All Boxers
(Boxer )
Boxers, come on in!
All Boxers (and others) are welcome here!   1018 join
  ♥Boxers R Us~BRU
Can you handle the fun?
When God made Boxers, He was showing off!! JOIN BRU TODAY!... [more] Wigglebutt World  610 join
(Boxer )
Where Boxers Are People Too
All WiggleButts Are Welcome! Anywhere Across The Globe  559 join
  Boxer Town
A town where Boxers are always welcome.
Welcome to Boxer Town   477 join
  Boxer Dog Mania!
(Boxer )
The Place where it's all boxers!
A place where the boxer dog owners hang out! Washington, United States  309 join
  White Boxers
(Boxer )
White Boxers=TRUE Love
For all those who share the great LOVE of a white... [more] Indiana, United States  303 join
  Good Ol' Southern Boxers
We're just some good ol' boys and girls
We southern boxers love a place to gather and exchange daily... [more] United States  188 join
  I Love my Boxer
For anyone who loves their Boxer. Laurel, Maryland, United States  154 join
  The Boxer Group
A group for all Boxer owners and lovers Mesa, Arizona, United States  148 Invite Only
(Boxer )
Boxer = Love
A group for all sorts of boxers, even boxer mixes! Bothell, Washington, United States  140 join
  DFW Boxers
(Boxer )
Masters of the Sniffy Wiggly Dance...
For all boxers in DFW and surrounding areas! Fort Woof, Texas, United States  137 join
  Dirty South Boxers Association
(Boxer )
Can't Hang Wit' Da South
All Boxers from the South United States  117 join
  The Burly Boxers From The South
(Boxer )
Burly Boxers
Boxer dogs in SC,NC,and GA Greenville, South Carolina, United States  109 join
We are all Boxer!! Bozers only!!
All Bozers Savannah, Georgia, United States  106 join
  Boxer Babes
girls only, boxer, fawn,
WELCOME TO BOXER BABES! California, United States  94 join
  For Those On BW!! let's be pals!"Calling ALL Boxer Lovers"
(Boxer )
a place you can exchange info if need be
since it is so hard to communicate over at BW,i thought... [more] Central,sc, South Carolina, United States  92 join
  San Diego Boxers
(Boxer )
A paw and a wiggle is what we are about
A meeting place for wiggle butt lovers San Diego, California, United States  80 join
  Boxer Friends
(Boxer )
Come join the fun!
A place for boxer lovers and friends to hang out Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States  78 join
  SF Bay Area Boxers
(Boxer )
Boxing in the bay!
Box with the best of us! Sf Bay Area, California, United States  71 join
  Tennessee Boxer Buddies
(Boxer )
TN Boxer Buddies
A place for all Boxer lovers in Tennessee Tennessee, United States  71 join
  Rocky And Max's Boxer Pals
(Boxer )
Boxers Rule!
This is a group just for boxers!   71 join
(Boxer )
For any boxers that can swim, swim, swim!   66 join
  Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue NC
Covers NC, SC and regions of VA
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, Inc. is a purebreed Boxer rescue based... [more] Hickory, North Carolina, United States  66 join
  PA Boxer inc
Boxers doin there thang in PA
tha best of tha best Pennsylvania, United States  65 join
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