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(Bichon Frise)
Busy Bichons Online
Welcome to ALL fluffs! Bichon Valley, United States  1431 join
  "Bitchen Freeze"
(Bichon Frise )
bichon frise, bitchen freeze,
Bichon Frise breeds (and friends) gather to meet warm friends &... [more]   230 join
  ***Bichon Friseaholics! :) :) :)***
(Bichon Frise )
For bichon owners and lovers who know Bichon Frises are the... [more]   200 join
  Bichon world ~clowns of the dog world~ :)
(Bichon Frise)
In this world..Bichons rule.
Come visit our Bichon world. United States  179 join
  ***~♥~¤ Vegetarian_ Paws ¤~♥~*~!
(Bichon Frise )
Vegetarian Paws!
Welcome to our group ***~♥~¤ Vegetarian_ Paws ¤~♥~*~! Have fun and... [more] California, United States  123 join
  Bichon Beauties
(Bichon Frise )
Everyone is welcome at Bichon Beauties!
A group for Bichons and the people who love them! Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States  112 join
  The Fluffers
(Bichon Frise )
We are the best lovers
Bichon Frise, Fluffernutters   89 join
  **Bichon Love**
(Bichon Frise )
Livin Life a Bichon!
If your in love with bichons, come here!   79 join
  Bichons of the NorthEast USA (BNE)
(Bichon Frise)
Bichons of NorthEast USA
a gathering of Bichons in the NorthEast -USA for fun... [more] Northeastern Usa, United States  73 Invite Only
  I Love My Bichon Frise!
(Bichon Frise )
I Love My Bichon Frise!
If u have a bichon join this group! Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States  73 join
  Frou Frou Fido
(Bichon Frise)
handmade dog clothes & accessories!
For all the wonderful furry fuzz balls we know and love,... [more] Connecticut, United States  57 join
  5 Paws up Elementary School K-6th
(Bichon Frise )
*Welcome to 5 Paws up Elementary School* Where all doggies come... [more] California, United States  40 join
  NYC Bichons
(Bichon Frise )
Bichon city-dwellers unite!
A place where bichon New Yorkers and their guardians can interact... [more] New York, New York, United States  37 join
  VA Bichons!
(Bichon Frise )
VA is for Bichon Lovers!
VA is for Bichon Lovers! North or South if you love... [more] Centreville, Virginia, United States  33 join
  ***~♥~¤ Just for Koolaid :-) ¤~♥~*~!
(Bichon Frise )
Hi and Welcome to our group!
Hi and Welcome to our group! Especailly made just for Koolaid... [more] California, United States  33 join
  ~*~Bichon Buddies~*~
(Bichon Frise )
Bichions are our budies
This is a group were bichions can make new friends form... [more] Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  32 join
  Dogster President
(Bichon Frise)
President, Governor, Mayor, Etc!
Lets find a president for Dogster! Augusta, Georgia, United States  30 join
  Lucy's DreamHouse ♥
(Bichon Frise )
Welcome to Andy's, Artimace's, Cody's, Chico's, Laceys, Macie's, Lucky's, Madi's, Nellys... [more] California, United States  29 join
(Bichon Frise)
The Bichons
Welcome to the website of the short white fluffy fur-kids! :D... [more] Taunton, Massachusetts  26 join
  Bitchin' Frizzies!
(Bichon Frise )
Dogs are WOW-Bichons are FANTASTERRIFIC!
For anybody who loves dogs and especially Bichon Frises and mixes... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  24 join
  Puppy Hideout
(Bichon Frise )
Run everyone! Hide! Humans around...
Welcome to Puppy Hideout! Come here if you want to be... [more]   24 join
  Dogsters Fashion Diva's ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(Bichon Frise )
Well to the Fashion Diva Club! For doggies who love to... [more] California, United States  23 join
  Bouncy British Bichons
(Bichon Frise )
Dedication and Love.
Dotty devotees of the Breed   20 join
  Georgia Bichons!
(Bichon Frise)
Georgia on My Mind
Bichons in Georgia! Atlanta, Georgia, United States  17 join
  The Posh Pooch
(Bichon Frise)
Diva Dogs are divine
Bitches are Diva's & Diva's are Bitches! Mesa, Arizona, United States  17 join
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